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Name: Germany
Canon: Scandinavia and the World
Timeline: November 2011

Personality: Germany is the Federal Republic of Germany, a soft-hearted young country spirit shouldering a difficult heritage. Its burden weighs heavily on him, leaving him prone to bouts of guilt and fearful of being anything like Nazi Germany, who is a separate country spirit. This doesn’t go well with his tendency to overdo everything and nothing more so than his spectacular nervous breakdowns. It has led to him being downright paranoid of “bad things” happening if he makes a mistake, such as being prideful. His flag is a particular source of horror for him, which is a problem since he wears it on his shirt like all country spirits do. That he didn’t make the mental connection until Denmark pointed it out to him shows that he can be rather dense.

Despite his inclination to go over the top, Germany puts up with his friends’ antics and pranks with long-suffering patience. Overreactions excluded, he is a calm, patient country spirit who is generally friendly, though more likely to be melancholic than jovial. Germany is a sensitive, meek man who is easily embarrassed and whose feelings are just as easily hurt. While he isn’t a coward, per se, his way of standing up for himself is still quite pathetic by other countries’ standards. As such, his fellow country spirits walk all over him.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to have fun, he does. He enjoys the company of his friends, enjoys drinking beer and likes to spend his summers on beach holiday in Denmark. His hobbies include swimming and burying Moose Crossing signs he stole from Sweden at Denmark’s beach. He also carries a sausage around as if it were a pet, but at least he’s not wearing a fish on his head like Norway.

First Person: [A young brown-haired man’s face appears on the video screen, frowning disapprovingly at the camera. He is also wagging a sausage at the camera.] Denmark! Netherlands! This isn’t funny! Kidnapping is a crime, you know! I don’t know where you got the train or the creepy ghost town or a cell phone looking like a pocket watch – what’s with that anyway? – but bribing people to tell me some ridiculous story is taking it a bit far, don’t you think?

[He looks around, waiting for his friends to come out of hiding and laugh at him. However, the street remains distressingly empty. When Germany speaks again, there is a frantic undertone to his voice.] Please stop it? I’m not having any fun! Denmark? Netherlands? Sister? King Europe? [Oh yes, getting frantic there as he continues to list each and every European Union country and a few who aren’t. As he comes to the end of the list, his tone of voice turns hesitant. Are they preferable to the creepy town?] Italy? [He gulps.] Greece? Anyone...?

Third Person: When Germany awoke on an empty train, he wasn’t alarmed. His last memories were of getting drunk with Denmark and when you went drinking with Denmark, waking up with a hangover in some weird place was the rule rather than the exception. This was one of his better wake-ups, actually. He wasn’t being licked by anything, nor was he naked. Or dressed in his sister’s clothes. Or… Never mind.

He still wasn’t alarmed when the train arrived at an abandoned train station. It all came with the territory of having Denmark and Netherlands for friends. To be honest, Germany was a bit impressed. He wouldn’t have credited them with the attention span to plan such a ruse.

Determined not to play along with their prank, Germany refused to pay the poster anymore attention than a cursory glance. A communicator somewhere on his person, huh? He slipped his hands into the pockets of his jeans, half expecting to reach into itching powder or spiders. Oh look. His sausage in the right pocket, a pocket watch in the left. Impressive, they’d put some real effort into this. This didn’t mean he had to play along, though. Germany grabbed a blanket, then he simply sat down right there on the platform and fiddled around with the pocket watch to pass the time. Sooner or later, his friends would grow bored of his non-reaction and show themselves.


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